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Following two sold out Australian Tours, Dr Chris and Dr Xand presesnt their live show, Operation Ouch! - based on the hit CBBC children’s television series - for the first time in the UK’s West End, December 2018. Don’t miss Dr Chris and Dr Xand in their funny and educational live stage show!

Packed with incredible stunts, crazy experiments and amazing facts, the doctors will explore the fascinating world of biology and show you the awesome things your body can do! Plus they’ll share their favourite bits from the TV show.

Dr Chris

The Docs

Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken; Doctors, Identical Twins, TV Presenters

Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken grew up in London and trained in medicine at Oxford University, graduating in 2002.

They have combined work in the UK’s National Health Service with global health work and television; appearing in Blizzard: Race to the Pole, Medicine Men and Medicine Men Go Wild. Operation Ouch! has won two BAFTAs and is now in its fifth season.





Dr Chris



Splendid mix of astonishing and appalling

Peter Burdon, The Advertiser
January 4, 2018 7:01pm

WITH tiny fans on either side (fairy dress, Dr Chris; pink tutu, Dr Xand), your writer was well placed to gauge the response to the antics of the sensationally popular doctors whose inquiries and experiments have become the stuff of TV legend.
The first measurement was of my neighbours’ contributions to cataclysm that greeted the dynamic duo’s arrival on stage. And you thought ear plugs were only for rock concerts.
Operation Ouch! is a children’s educational phenomenon that sweeps all before it, introducing children (and their parents, let’s be honest) to the wonderful mystery that is the human body. Twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand delve in cunningly disguised depth into its inner workings. The most delicious of these, from the kids’ point of view, revolve around poo, wee, ear wax and other excretions, but these engage in a trice, and so the kids are on the edge of their seats (when they’re not standing on them), eager to lap up the learning.
They simply, yet ingeniously, illustrate how the brain interacts with the nervous system to prepare the body for action (“fight or flight”) and to help maintain its long-term health (“rest and digest”).
The audio visual support for the show is stunning, with a virtual reality heart beating on Dr Xand’s body a special highlight, and the hands-on experiments and illustrations are a splendid mix of astonishing and appalling, just what every kid wants. My fans confirmed it.


"Squeals of delight…"

Review by John Wells
Adelaide Theatre Guide

There are many things I don’t understand: anything above Grade Four maths, manscaping, kale, and why anyone would listen to Mariah Carey. And kids’ television. I have watched what feels like a lifetime of raucous, inane and eye-numbing tv with children. Invariably, the kiddies cried out for the most mundane, tuneless, ill-conceived and cringingly lurid shows – equal parts tinnitus and fluoro vomit. I simply shook my head and pressed play. Again. Squeals of delight…
And I think that’s the real point: good children’s tv should be inaccessible to any intellectually functioning adult. Good children’s tv speaks in kids’ code, with all the mysteries and delights that only kids can understand.
“Operation Ouch” gets this. It is silly, funny and doesn’t drift into medical science too much. This is a live show of the popular British television program. Fronted by a set of winsome twin medicos in scrubs, Dr Xand and Dr Chris, there are poo jokes, a cow’s heart, blood, maggots and a gentle swipe at anti-vaxxers. The live action is augmented by pre-recorded bits.
There is plenty of pantomime-style presentation and light-hearted buffoonery. Dr Chris is the more serious character, and the sibling rivalry between him and the more anarchic Dr Xand is nicely handled. They are confident, well-drilled and at ease. My companions (10 years and 12 years) giggled throughout and loved (in order) the poo machine, the stories of the twins’ childhood, and the maggots. Naturally.


"informative, funny and entertaining"


I finally now know which of the charming Operation Ouch twins is Dr Chris and which one is Dr Xand. In fact, it’s embarrassingly obvious. Dr Chris is rather more sensible and admits to being ”less smiley” while Dr Xand has a beard, wears green scrubs and is always smiling and doing “silly” things. These two doctors are anything but silly. They are, however, happy to provide a good level of entertainment, or as we like to call it in our family, “medutainment” all for the sake of educating youngsters (and quietly… parents) about all things medical.
The identical twin brothers hail from the extremely popular British program, Operation Ouch, a program for kids which shows things like how far a projectile vomit can reach, what happens when you break your arm and why do squinty eyes occur. Dr Chris and Dr Xand are extremely knowledgeable and do a great job answering all sorts of tricky questions that kids tend to ponder like ”how does earwax form?” and “why do your ears pop on a plane?”.
In fact, Dr Chris and Dr Xand do such a good job of explaining medical things in simple and interesting ways using great props that the show should, in fact, be compulsory viewing for all wannabe doctors and nurses. They even brought a real cows heart onstage which Dr Xand had “pre-plumbed” so that he could demonstrate the mechanics of the heart.
Don’t worry, there was also enough fun stuff to make the audience giggle and recoil in horror. We also enjoyed a few short clips from their show detailing Dr Xand’s obsession with wearing capes and eating food plus clips featuring vomit and poo, maggots eating flesh etc.
All-in-all, this was a great show which was informative, funny and entertaining. Dr Chris and Dr Xand are delightful and it was great to gain a little insight into Dr Chris and Dr Xand’s childhood and to know that they are big kids at heart – Dr Xand still travels with his treasured teddy bear, Mr Grumbles, while Dr Chris is about to pass on his beloved yellow cow toy to his new baby daughter. We highly recommend this show for all Operation Ouch fans.


"what a great show it was"

Melbourne KidTown
Review by EricaL

Identical twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand performed live on stage at The Plenary in Melbourne yesterday as pat of their Operation Ouch! Live Australian Summer Tour and what a great show it was!
We were introduced to so many fascinating things about the human body, including but not limited to; ears, hearts, brains and eyes!
They showed us how our body reacts to certain things and how you can overcome pain whilst having a needle - just smile and think positive.
They told us how important it is to be vaccinated and let us join in the fun of spreading a disease by throwing massive balls into the audience. As the balls were passed around and returned to the two Drs, the duo then joked how everyone who touched the balls were infected! The TV stars then asked us to sit on our hands and threw the balls out into the audience again .. this time no one touched them. The point of this experiment was to explain that if people were not immunised, diseases would spread very quickly.
We got to take a glance into Dr Xand’s eye whilst Dr Chris performed experiments with light to see how the pupil dilates.
The twins rolled out cows heart onto the stage and pumped artificial blood into it to show us the heart is the only organ that will still work if it is removed from the body.
This fascinating show was educational and funny, proving to be a big hit for our children and I'm sure any science loving child will enjoy the the stars of hit ABC Me children’s television series Operation Ouch! perform live too.
We hope to see Dr Chris and Dr Xand return to the Australian stage in 2019. Did you see Operation Ouch! Live On Stage at The Plenary too?


"highly entertaining and informative"

Adventure Baby
Jan 6 2018

Science-loving kids will highly enjoy this new show about the incredible human body, Operation Ouch!, based on the hit ABC Me series.
Twin doctors, Dr Chris and Dr Xand, have brought their incredible medical stunts and crazier experiments to Sydney in a kid-friendly live show.
Operation Ouch The 75 minute show is packed with fascinating facts about the body, such as our ears, eyes, digestive system and brain. It’s education at it best – highly entertaining and informative all at once.
We went into the show with no knowledge of the TV program. While I do think it’s beneficial to watch the TV show first so you have a connection to the doctors and know what to expect, it’s not crucial to enjoying the performance.
Dr Chris and Dr Xand are extremely personable as well as smart, and it was really interesting hearing their stories about growing up, not being so good at school, and how and why they became doctors. I thought it was great for kids to hear from successful people how they overcame adversity to become professionals in a demanding field.
I also thought it was great for kids to see science presented from a kid-friendly angle but not dumbed down in any way. All the proper medical terms were used for each part of the body, and the experiments were equally interesting for adults as they were for the kids.
My favourite part of the show involved the doctors explaining how germs spread and the importance of vaccinations in an interactive and easy-to-understand way. We’ve been trying to explain this for a while to the 6-year-old, but it’s a lot of concepts that aren’t easy to visualise, so big props to Dr Chris and Xand for making the topic accessable.
Operation Ouch! is entertaining for the whole family – including the adults. The husband and I found it highly enjoyable to watch and both learnt a few things along the way, too!




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